The Last Desert Documentary

Ride to the Roots: S1 E1 Jonathan Paredes ( teaser)

Extra Running in two Worlds

Wings for Life Word Run – Cápsula Nutrición

Rayito Reyes, Wings for Life World Run 2016.

Nigel Sylvester en México. Casio G-Shock.

Reel Docs Deportes

Follow me at Red Bull Dirt Conquers con Daniel Dhers.

Dirt Conquers 2014

Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2014. Teaser.

Chasing Waterfalls, Chiapas

Red Bull Dirt Conquers.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 (Teaser)

Red Bull Chasing Waterfalls, Veracruz.

Red Bull Kart Fight

Red Bull BC-One Latin America finals. Monterrey, 2012

Red Bull Soapbox. Guadalajara

Red Bull Soap Box. Guadalajara ( teaser )

Ceremonias Juegos Panamericanos, Guadalajara 2011. Gracias Voluntarios